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Knoxville’s premier Music Shop

Guitars. Amps. Banjos. Mandolins. Fiddles. Ukuleles. Percussion. Accessories.

Welcome to Open Chord’s Music Shop!
Our full service music store carries Electric Guitars, Acoustic Guitars, Amplifiers, Pedals, Banjos, Mandolins, Fiddles, Ukuleles, and Percussive Instruments, and all kinds of Music Accessories.

We are Knoxville’s Largest Taylor Guitars dealer and the area’s only supplier of Suhr Guitars and Amps, Silvertone Guitars, Quilter Performance Guitar Amps, Big Joe and Caroline Guitar Pedals, and Jaykco Guitar Straps!  If that was an "earful," check out our line of Earasers ear plugs.  Great for gigging musicians who need to tone down on the decibels without sacrificing clarity!  Are you looking for something unique and special to drive your tone to the next level?  Do you prefer the tried and true tools of the previous masters?  You've come to the right place!  Also carry many accessories which make great gifts for those music lovers in your life.  We have guitar straps, tuners, metronomes, guitar picks and guitar lesson books.

Supplying Knoxville’s Musicians With The Gear They Need.

"All Things Music." More than a Slogan.

At Open Chord, "All Things Music" is more than a slogan; it's a way of life!  We have gear for all types of musicians and are sensitive to the needs of every type of player, regardless of age, skill level, or preference.  With Knoxville's friendliest staff, you will love every experience you have at Open Chord's Music Store, whether you have come to purchase your first acoustic, or put in a special order for your Custom Built Suhr Modern!  As Knoxville's shred master Andy Wood ( would say, 

These guitars have Charisma!

We carry every product you need to make your music!  From the industry standard accessories up to the world's finest guitars and amps, Open Chord is Knoxville's headquarters for "All Things Music!"  Is there a specific product you have been searching for, but gave up with exhausted desperation?  We will find it for you!  If we don't stock your favorite brands, tell us and we will stock them just for you!

Guitar Repair For Knoxville

Is your guitar in need of a little "TLC?"  Don't call an ambulance… call Open Chord's Guitar Hospital!  Whether you guitar needs a quick tune-up, or a brand new set of pick-ups and wiring scheme "under the hood," our Repair Technician can get you back on the road and ready for the next gig!

Knoxville is the Southeast's Scruffy music capital, and Open Chord is the music community's headquarters for "All Things Music!"