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Secret City Cyphers

Thursday, Oct. 22

8:00 PM | All Ages
$3 ADV | $5 DOS

Open Mic Night with a twist!

Join Secret City Cyphers at the Open Chord as MCs, Poets, Singers, Musicians and Dancers all come together to perform and preserve REAL Hip Hop.

Artists interested in performing please MESSAGE the Secret City Cypher Page in ADVANCE. Spots will fill up QUICK Especially MCs, it's best for the DJ to have your instrumental beforehand. can choose to perform with a live band. This is an ALL AGES event, so remember the 3 SCC rules: NO disrespecting women, NO violence, and limited vulgarity. That's it. Other than that be who you are. We insist.

Get excited, tell all of your friends, and come out and have a BLAST at Secret City Cyphers!