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Mass Driver, O'Possum, & More

Presented by Night Owl Music

Mass Driver | O'Possum | REALM | Split Tusk

Friday, May 29th

Open Chord Brewhouse & Stage
8502 Kingston Pike
Knoxville, TN 37919

All Ages | 7 PM | $8 Cover
Please bring a valid, state issued photo ID...

[Mass Driver]

Fuzz pedals, clangin' cowbell, and rock n roll. That's all Mass Driver is concerned with. Trying to write that hit single? Nope. Pandering to a lowest common denominator? Nah. Posturing? Fuck all that.

What the band does is rock. Rock like they don't do much anymore. No agendas, no political slant. They're all about good times, fuzzy guitars, and big amplifiers.

Mass Driver. Three guys here to tell rocknroll to stop taking itself so seriously, stop worrying about what's "trending," stop dressing like an asshole, and for Chrissakes, just fucking jam.



Mtn. DOOM BBQ Metal



Beer battered and deep fried,
Southern and Sci-fi.


[Split Tusk]

Split Tusk was formed as a project to get together and have some fun with friends that have known each other for years but not played together, with the only exception being TJ Daugherty and Rob Casteel.

TJ Daugherty says, "After the initial idea came to me to form Split Tusk I immediately knew I wanted Rob and Jerry in the band. After some discussion we asked Jacob to join who has and is working with me in a few other bands and thus the Tusk was born."

The Tusk immediately began crafting the songs that would be come there first record and after 6 weeks of preparation the boys headed to Nashville to record with the engineering of Skip Mitchell and a philosophy that was more based on vibe and feel Split Tusk emerged from Nashville with the tracks that would become "The Kingdom of Byew." A slab of dirty grooves and ambient soundscapes. With the production provided by Jamie King of the Basement Recording studios the album is as immense as mountain and as dense as a forest.

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