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Drew Sterchi & Blues Tribe

Drew Sterchi & Blues Tribe
with supporting act Jess Goggans Band

$8 Cover | All Ages
8:00 P.M.


::Drew Sterchi::

A native of Tennessee, Drew Sterchi started playing guitar at the age of 14, doing covers of Steppenwolf, Stones, Doors & Kinks. As every true, life-long musician will admit, there comes a moment that not only changes your playing, but the direction of your life. That epiphany came to Drew when he heard Chicago blues Icon Michael Bloomfield’s blistering solo on the song “Texas” from the Electric Flag album “Long Time Comin’." “After that day, all my playing started tilting toward a more expressive blues style,” he said.

Drew’s latest effort, “Left Here with the Blues,” is a collection of material that speaks of his own history. Songs that tell a personal story of his own experience and evolvement over the years. As you explore the lyrics and feel the emotional moments that grace this work, you will find that it is much more than just a ‘Blues’ album.