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Scent of Remains, Wearth, & More

Presented By: Night Owl Music

Scent of Remains | Kingslayer | Wearth | Among The Beasts

Saturday, May 23rd

Open Chord Brewhouse & Stage
8502 Kingston Pike
Knoxville, TN 37919

All Ages | 7 PM | $8 Cover
Please bring a valid, state issued photo ID...

[Scent Of Remains|

Exploding forth from a blood and sweat soaked wrecking ball of pounding and rolling grooves, memorable hooks, wailing lead guitar, and a trinity of screaming, death growls and clean vocals, Scent of Remains defy any –core suffix or sub-sub genre descriptors. The focus is pure, simple and to the point – no nonsense metal for anyone who likes to bang their head.
Drawing on influences ranging from the likes of Lamb of God, Metallica and Slayer to pantera, Scent of Remains has combined the old and new together and forged their own recognizable and memorable sound.



Kingslayer is Power Metal band from Louisville, KY. We take classic Power Metal imagery and vocals and add our own bite to the sound. Formed from the members of Heaven's Gate Gospel Revival with the addition of a new member, Kingslayer was formed when the vocal direction of new material began to distinguish itself as a different sound. HGGR is not dead by any means, but its lovechild with Power Metal has grown teeth and learned how to wield a sword.



Wearth is an alternative metal band based in Knoxville, TN.


[Among The Beasts]

Among The Beasts is an upcoming Hard Rock/Metal band from Knoxville, TN.