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JC & the Dirty Smokers w/ The Barstool Romeos


J.C. and the Dirty Smokers
The Barstool Romeos

J.C and the Dirty Smokers

Formed in early 2009, J.C. and the dirty smokers quickly established a name in the East Tennessee Country music scene. With a sound reminiscent of Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, and Johnny Cash, The Dirty Smokers are one of the few REAL Honky Tonk bands around these days. Frontman J.C Haun has been referred to as "the closest thing East Tennessee has to the reincarnation of Hank Sr." and his backing band is made up of some of the most talented musicians in Knoxville. This band is a must see if you love country music, or if you just enjoy having a great time in general.

The Barstool Romeos

Four hundred years ago, William Shakespeare wrote comedies, tragedies, and romances with a fancy quill pen. Today, Andy Pirkle and Mike McGill pick up where Willy left off. Their prose is equally deep and satisfying, by turns humorous and tragic, delivered in a rock-n-roll, honky-tonk style that beats the hell out of iambic pentameter. Andy and Mike sit at the kitchen table, guitars in their laps, pushing beer bottles aside to scratch working-man inspiration onto the page with a cheap ballpoint pen. This is not The Two Gentlemen of Verona… this is THE BARSTOOL ROMEOS!

From Knoxville, Tennessee, The Barstool Romeos play original songs in a honky-tonk style all their own. You can set the Atomic Clock by Eric Keeble's drums, while Josh Sidman’s bass delivers a powerful pulse you can feel in your spleen. Andy Pirkle’s persona, voice, and guitar are the manifestation of bad-ass. Mike McGill’s vocals and electric guitar riffs will rip your face off. Yeah, you love ‘em already. Grab a beer, my friend, and tune in to The Barstool Romeos!

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