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Draper, Reynolds, & Rodgers Reunion Concert

The Trio Rides Again....ONE CONCERT ONLY!
December 10th, 7:30pm at Open Chord, Knoxville, TN
$12 Advance
$15 Day of Show
Advance tickets are available by calling the venue at 865-281-5874 or by visiting

Officially, 'Draper, Reynolds & Rodgers' but affectionately known as 'The Trio' or 'DRR'. Vanessa Draper, Singer Songwriter, Karen E. Reynolds and Kit Rodgers. Three very different musical friends...touring, recording and gigging for years. It never should have worked...but somehow, it worked really well. We played about every stage possible in and around Knoxville...and toured like crazy in the Southeast. Three part harmonies. Original music. Laughter and enough silliness onstage to allow the audience in on the 'inside jokes' and to feel as if they were part of us. And, in reality, they were....and still are.
The Trio didn't develop a fan base. We built a family of fans and friends...who supported us strongly and continue to support us. So, this concert is for y'all. The Reunion. We did this a few years back and it was a blast. But our 'FANmily' have been asking for it again, so here we go! For those of you who never got to hear the Trio when we were in our 'hey day'...well, if you enjoy any one of us, individually, you'll really enjoy the three of us together. It's kinda special. And, it only happens once every, oh, 4-5 years...when we are finally talked into another reunion concert. But this is the only one for a good long while.
It sounds kind of uppity, but the truth is, we expect to sell the place out so you might want to get your tickets NOW, boys and girls. As for the three of us...we cant wait. We're rehearsing our old set lists, too, so you can expect to hear some of your favorites...and our usual three part antics. We hope to see y'all there.


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