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Video Release Party - "Help"

"Help" Video Release Party

A free reception for the release of the video "Help" by Craig Betson is going to be at the Open Chord on April 20th starting at 7pm. Christina Horn of hudson k will perform following the video presentation. Craig would love to have everyone come down and enjoy the show.

7pm - Reception
8pm - Video Debut

Free Event | All Ages

We'll be listening to Gorillaz' "Demon Days" on vinyl during the reception, presented by Vinyl Me, Please. Win raffle tickets by purchasing food & drink from the bar - we'll be giving away vinyls, concert tickets, & more!

It is easy to portray death in media, we see it every day in the news. The question is how to portray something even more common, but virtually ignored by all of us, a near death. Working as a Nurse since 1986, Craig Betson has seen many more near deaths than actual deaths. That’s what makes him a great nurse, the ability to see what is going to happen before the event occurs. That skill has also given Craig the ability to talk to many people after they have had events in which they “died”. No palpable pulse, no discernable heartbeat, no breathing all the result of a ventricular tachycardia(v-tach) event. The heart becoming an erratic quivering mass of ineffective tissue until the lack of blood flow results in death. Prompt response can change that and does. EMS responders with automatic external defibrillators can shock a patient back into rhythm easily. Appropriate treatment in the form of medication and internal defibrillators can allow these patients to return to life they knew once more.
The video Help to be released at the Open Chord on April 20th is the story of one of those patients. A story of life reset after what could have been tragedy and the game of life goes on. Kris Walker, as the nurse, performs beautifully as the struggle for what we are goes on around the images of a v-tach code at home and again within the hospital. Christina Horn’s arrangement and vocals bring to life the awareness that we all fall and need a bit of assistance while we are down to get back up again. Victor Agreda of Superpixel Studios brought it all together as videographer so the story came to life as it should at the end.
For some people thinking outside the box is a just a way of thinking. For Craig Betson, working as a nurse of 31 years it is a goal for not only himself, but his patients as well. The author of Signs of Life Observations of Death and Angels Beside Us, Craig found joy as a night shift supervisor over a 21 bed ICU/CCU that took care of a wide variety of patients including trauma and immediate post open heart. After fifteen years at East Tennessee Baptist Hospital a transfer to a cardiac telemetry floor eventually progressed to CTSU or a Cardio Thoracic Surgical Unit. Finding the most satisfaction in sending primarily post open heart and surgical patients home again.
Craig’s music, video and the books are all oriented towards healthcare workers, but anyone struggling can understand and appreciate the stories Craig relates attempting to answer questions that defy the realities we hope to be permanent.

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