Fruition To Play their New Record


No longer having to busk across America to make money with their music, Fruition will take the stage at Jackson Terminal on September 20 hosted by Open Chord.

Since the group’s beginning in 2008, they have produced five full-length studio albums and a handful of singles and EPs. Their most recent album titled Watching It All Fall Apart takes listeners on a journey through heartbreak and the healing process.

Fruition is from Portland, Oregon, and consists of five members: Jay Cobb Anderson, Kellen Asebroek, Mimi Naja, Jeff Leonard, and Tyler Thompson.

Going back to their beginning in San Francisco, Fruition was busking one night when something amazing happened. A guy dropped his business card in their guitar case and he ended up becoming their manager. That man was Josh Nicotra. The rest is history. The band went on to release their first studio album, Hawthorne Hoedown LP, in 2008 and then later performed at major festivals like Bonnaroo and DelFest 2016. The band went from a string centric group to a rock group that they are today.

Fruition recently announced their 45 series. This series includes both old and new songs – the band is made up of three song writers so they are never short on songs.

“Don't sleep on these 45’s. While the songs will be released digitally, they will also be pressed to very short runs of 7” vinyl for collectors. Only 250 copies of the 45 Series #1 release will be pressed, with 50 available for preorder on the band’s website, approximately 50 at Indie retailers, and the other 150 only available at shows,” the band’s Facebook said. 

Watching It All Fall Apart was written in ten days at Flora Recording & Playback in Portland. The beginning of the album starts off with heartbreak and it goes through the journey of heartbreak. The closing song, “Eraser,” is about coping and healing. Fruition wanted to put this album out because they wanted fans to have an outlet to let all of their emotions out with.

While the majority of the songs are emotional, they also include a small bit of social commentary. FOMO (a.k.a fear of missing out) was written on the Fourth of July. FOMO is an “anti-party party song” according to the group. It references the “wasted white girls” and “cocaine cowboys” and how the listener probably does not want to go to the party because they know what’ll it be like but because of the guilt they feel, they go anyways. FOMO is to reassure listeners that they do not need to feel guilty.

Other tracks include “Stuck On You,” “Northern Town,” “Lonesome Prayer,” and lead single, “I’ll Never Sing Your Name.”

After their performance in Knoxville, Fruition will go on to perform in Louisville, Kentucky on Sept. 21.

Fans can preorder the 45 series now online at Fruition’s website. They can also stream their music on all major platforms: Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon or they can order it on the official website.

Tickets are still available online at Open Chord’s website. Doors open at 7 p.m. and the show starts at 7:30 p.m.