Guitar Lessons for Children

At the Open Chord School of Music we have tailored guitar lessons for kids of all ages whether they’re beginners or or they have been playing for awhile. Through our lessons kids will learn the right ways to play from the very beginning - from the basics to strumming an epic chord progression - all through the guidance of our professional in-house guitar teachers. The lessons are crafted in a manner in which each of the student’s strengths are taken into account to create lesson plans best suited for him/her. The lessons are designed in a manner that makes the process of learning not only simple but also fun. A small bit of practice each day will make your kids good enough to play their favorite songs on the guitar or start writing their own.

Students will learn how to fingerpick, strum, form chords and play scales. Lessons aren’t limited to the acoustic guitar.  We also offer lessons for the electric guitar. The instructors are well accomplished in training kids for both the lead as well as the rhythm guitar. Students aren’t restricted by the teachers to learn one genre of music; they’re encouraged to learn, appreciate and play multiple types of music. The teachers have profound experience in rock, blues, metal, jazz, folk, alternative, country and bluegrass amongst the many other genres that they’re familiar with.  

Music is a universal language. You can see kids grooving to music being just a few months old and it’s something that they connect to instantaneously. Getting a kid to take up to an instrument is great for their early years of development as it brings in a sense of discipline, co-ordination and also dedication, besides learning to play a new instrument! Learning to play the guitar is often a favorite among kids as it’s relatively easier compared to the drums and has slightly more appeal than the keyboard, which are the most popular instruments among kids. Kids easily adapt to the guitar and are quite excited to learn how to play the instrument.

Enroll your kids in guitar lessons today so that they’ll have a lot to thank you for a decade down the line and let our experts help your kids become the next guitar prodigy through our innovative, fun and simple teaching techniques.