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Coming soon our Music Lovers Store on-line

Everything you need in music retail,  in-store and soon online. Suhr Guitars, pedals and amps, Silvertone Guitars, Quilter Amps, Carolina Guitar pedals, Jayco straps. Unique accessories for all musicians.

School of Music

Where music lovers become musicians.

Open Chord School of Music exists to to educate children and adults off all ages, and to build and support the local music community. We have a growing network of Knoxville’s finest music instructors and fresh budding talent. Music is an essential building block in a child's ability to learn. We believe that learning and playing music should be fun, first and foremost. For all ages, music is a joy, a creative outlet, a healing force.

Lesson plans are tailored to the individual student with the aim of maximizing the results, and minimizing the effort that the student invests in their instrument. Our experienced instructors know how to teach music in a way that makes it fun and simple.   If you can say your alphabet from A to G, and you can count to four.....  you can learn and play music.

Please call today at 865.281.5874 or complete the contact information below to get connected.

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